The Accountant Package


LLC Setup
Specialized Operating Agreement Creation
Custodian Setup
Bank Account Assistance
Business Document & Incorporation Binder
Ledger Nano S
Any State
Dual Member LLC


Be ready to schedule extra time with your tax accountant for this package because you’ll need it. As you’ve noticed with our other two packages, we have select states that are offered. This is because, from a business standpoint, they are the easiest to work with for us but more importantly you. If you absolutely need your LLC in another state that one that is offered, you’d want to select this package. There is more technical work on our side and the costs to register for these states is higher, hence the higher package price. You’ll also need to be prepared to pay yearly fees to stay legal as well as file yearly paperwork where applicable. This package can also be used if you wish to set up two IRAs under the same LLC, lets say a Roth and a Traditional IRA. If this sounds like you we’ll provide the same service as the 888 package with the additional tweaks to get you on your way to investing in crypto with your IRA.


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