The Basics

Everyone agrees that paying less in taxes is a plus. Why should crypto investing be any different?

When we started on this quest, we wanted to provide a solution for our clients to get exposure to crypto while also minimizing their tax obligation as the end of the year. Crypto is incredibly volatile with massive potential in gains, so we felt a solution to this problem was necessary. After doing our homework we found the best solution for our clients: A crypto IRA.

Genesis Block IRA leverages the self-directed IRA tax code while taking advantage of an often unheard of structure, an IRA LLC also known as a Checkbook IRA. Our solution enables our clients the freedom to invest in crypto on exchange as they are used to doing, enabling them access to the private keys. We go into this topic more in our free e-book (found below) but essentially our service is superior to the larger institutional IRA options because Genesis Block IRA doesn’t hold any of your private keys or assets. You hold them.

Instead of a hard sales pitch or misleading statements on how much we will save you in the long run, check out the financial calculator below. There are step by step instructions on how to use it but essentially you can add in your individual information and predictions on where you see bitcoin’s price going and it will calculate your savings over the long run based on today’s prices. We want to make sure you aren’t leaving anything on the table.

Genesis Block IRA is the first crypto specific self-directed IRA and has the expertise, crypto knowledge, and company structure to provide you more value than anyone else currently on the market.

Check out our Process Page to learn more about the process of starting your own tax free crypto IRA and check out the Products page to see our offerings (spoiler alert: the $888 deal is value overload!)

Saving Calculator

Using the Savings Calculator
Step 1: Enter the initial amount you wish to invest or roll over into your new crypto IRA in the Initial Investment box
Step 2: Enter in how much you plan to add yearly to your crypto IRA up to the current IRA investment limits in the Investment/yr box
Step 3: Enter in your typical Capital Gain Tax rate (typically 15% or 20% depending on income bracket) in the Capital Gains Tax. (Example: For 15% simply type 15 into the box)
Step 4: Enter in the number of years until you retire in the “Number of years until retirement” box
Step 5: Enter in what you think bitcoin will be priced at when you in the Predicted price of bitcoin box
Step 6: Enter the current price per bitcoin in the current price of bitcoin box
Step 7: View the final calculation of how much money you would save by going through Genesis Block IRA for your crypto IRA creation vs not having a crypto IRA

Explanation: This is the calculator I made to prove to myself that having an IRA for my bitcoin purchasing needs was sound. The calculator compares IRA vs non-IRA earnings and factors in Genesis Block IRA’s prices and our custodians prices. In my particular case I was saving over $200k in the long run!


Learn more about Crypto IRA Investing from our newly updated ebook. It’s a quick read and will give you all the basics you need to make an informed decision.

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